My research focuses on moduli spaces and their invariants, like integral Picard groups, integral Chow(-Witt) rings, Brauer groups as well as more arithmetically-oriented cohomological invariants (a.k.a. unramified cohomology); most of my work so far consisted in explicitly compute (some of) these invariants for moduli of hyperelliptic curves, moduli of smooth/stable curves of low genus, quasi-polarized K3 surfaces and elliptic surfaces

The kind of techniques that I use range from the more abstract stack-theoretical methods to the more down-to-earth equivariant intersection theory. In my darkest times, I also use Mathematica for doing explicit computations involving localization formulas.

Research interests

  • Moduli spaces/stacks of curves, quasi-polarized K3 surfaces, Weierstrass fibrations.
  • Picard groups and integral Chow rings.
  • Equivariant intersection theory.
  • Cohomological invariants (a.k.a. unramified cohomology) of moduli stacks.
  • Brauer groups.
  • Chow-Witt groups.

Publications and preprints

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